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In order to join us in ATH, I ask that you watch the free info session to make sure this program is a fit for you.

The free info session is mandatory for all prospective clients.

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“How do I know if I’m a fit?”

We encourage you to apply no matter what. Even if Allergic to Hourly™ is not the right fit, the team will do their best to refer you to the right resources for your situation. But if you’re still unsure, keep reading…


  • You're a freelancer, coach, or consultant with an online service business
  • You have worked with clients in some capacity (client work, previous job)
  • You want to create more income but you’re getting overwhelmed at the thought of taking on more clients
  • You have some type of audience (any size on social media or an email/text list) OR you have worked with clients before
  • You’re looking to grow your business to six-figures and have more financial, time, and lifestyle freedom
  • You know you need systems and processes to optimize your business if you want to see it grow
  • You're the type of person who takes 100% responsibility for their results and is ready to put in the work, is coachable, willing to experiment, and ready to be supported
  • You're committed to completing the trainings, turning in your assignments for feedback, participating in the community & on calls, and reach out when you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, etc. Basically, you're going to use what you paid for and get your money's worth and more out of this experience


  • You're not an online service business: an e-commerce, physical product, brick & mortar, or physical service business/freelancer, hair stylists, makeup artists, etc.
  • You're in an industry we don't have enough experience in: real estate, network marketing, getting into tech.
  • You have not worked with clients before in any capacity
  • You have no idea what you want to do
  • You're looking to be babysat or have someone do your work for you


So what is ATH? How does it work?

Here's a quick, behind-the-scenes tours of Allergic to Hourly.

Tell Me About Your Business


Dr. Samantha-Rae, DEI Strategist

Caprice Laws, Content Strategist

Dr. Tamira, CEO of Likely Write

Ashley Davis, Marketing Strategist


What is Allergic to Hourly™? Is it a self-paced course?

Allergic to Hourly™ is a 12 month hybrid group coaching program. What's a hybrid group coaching program? We combine live group coaching with a community, trainings, templates, and live (virtual) events to support you in growing your business. You have 12 months access to the program, calls, virtual events, and community.

What will I work on in Allergic to Hourly™?

The Allergic to Hourly™ curriculum is built upon my SSP Methodology and frameworks. There are 3 core phases: Specialize, Systemize, Productize. Throughout your time in Allergic to Hourly™, you will work on your positioning, pricing, packaging, business systems & automations, and turning your services into digital products, programs, content, freebies, etc. Everything you need to stabilize and grow your business, free up your time without reducing your income, and diversify your revenue opportunities.

When does enrollment open again? How many clients do you work with?

We cap the number of active clients we work with as we have a cap on our coach to client ratio. This allows us to see, hear, and serve our clients at a more intimate level which sets us apart from traditional group coaching programs. Enrollment is usually open each month as we take on new clients as current clients graduate out of the program.

What are the payment plan options?

There are various payment options available. Simply email us and we'll be happy to share them with you. Please not that this is a 12-month program and the investment is currently a 4-figure investment for your business (and may be tax deductible). We have payment plan and third-party funding options available as well.

Will I get personalized support?

Yes and this is exactly why we call this a hybrid group coaching program. There are many opportunities to receive personalized support throughout your time in the program through laser coaching on live calls, milestone calls, customized feedback on your assignments, and more.

Why isn't the investment listed publicly?

Fair question. First, we raise our prices and add or remove bonuses each quarter. Second, too many people will remove the possibility of receiving support for their business based off a price. I want to first ensure we can help you, give you all the details (including the investment), and then make an empowered decision based off having the full context and asking any other questions you may have. To move forward, apply using the form above.

When do clients see a return on investment?

Every client is different and has their own journey, history, and unique experiences. On average, and depending upon other variables, clients typically see a return on investment within 1-3 months of enrolling into the program provided they're attending the live coaching calls, participating within the community, submitting their assignments for critique, executing on the SSP Methodology, etc. You are responsible for your results.

Who is your ideal client for Allergic to Hourly™?

You're an online service provider (examples: copywriter, graphic designer, strategist, consultant, developer, coach, curriculum designer, Facebook ads manager, etc) who likes what they do, has worked with clients, and has an audience (even if it's teeny tiny teeny weeny small). You are coachable, ready to work, and will fully use what you've paid for.

Have more questions about Allergic to Hourly™?

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