Ari Hale

Business Mentor. Mindset Coach.

I work with high-performing CEOs and Executives to uncover their blocks, break through resistance, and take massive action faster than they've ever experienced.


I've been working with amazing, ambitious, high-performing, successful CEOs and Executives like you for almost 10 years. Here's my "why."

I know what it's like to feel:

  • like nothing is working, despite you trying everything
  • burnt out that you're ready to burn down everything you've worked so hard and sacrificed to build and achieve
  • overwhelmed by all of the decisions, expenses, responsibilities, and growing pains
  • anxious about what's next, the bills, client success, your success
  • guilty about realizing that you wanted and achieved isn't what you want anymore
  • like you've sold your mental freedom for lifestyle, financial, and time freedom

With almost 8 years of being in business under my belt, working with hundreds of clients, being a single parent, and navigating SEVERAL business pivots and transitions, I'm here help to guide to what realignment looks like for you.

There is hope and a way to reach BEING:

  • energized and excited by your business or career path
  • clear, secure, and safe with decisions, growth, & transitions
  • happy and in integrity with how you're making money & running things
  • unblocked and in flow with creating, ideas, your vision, & decision making
  • able to trust in the unknown & your ability to handle anything

What you're experiencing in your business, work, and/or life is simply a reflection of what's going on with you internally. Your thoughts, emotions, and feelings are your unique guidance system to let you know whether or not you're in alignment.

If you're ready to get realigned and bust through the resistance and blocks you're experiencing, book your breakthrough session below.

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